Descripción del proyecto

fondo inicio villaescusa cerrajeria7

The project described is the rehabilitation and reformation for a restaurant, starting with the idea of keeping the outside of the white facades of two typical Mediterranean fishermen homes.

The restaurant is located in an area with great tourist potential, with a pedestrian walkway with magnificent sea views. The location has been important aspect in the design idea,  but not forgetting the needs of our customers looking for a unique space, offering three different areas. On one hand, we have a terrace chill out atmosphere, night bar and finally a “freshrestaurant” offering healthy and delicious cuisine.

The whole project has been an innovative approach in the use of materials and maximizing the environment in which it is located. Its first floor, where you can enjoy panoramic views from its balcony. This enables customers to feel relaxed with colourful decorations clean and fresh feeling- from using materials such as wood and the white colours on the walls, with lighting that gives us the RGB LED and ensures a fresh and dynamic environment.

The ground floor is divided into two areas with two functions. These two areas are delimited by a bearing wall that divides the two original houses. This wall is important in the design in which we have created. The wooden ceiling provides pace in both the horizontal division and assembly of wooden slats providing the local great movement and depth axis.

fondo inicio villaescusa cerrajeria

The rest of the floors follows the same idea of cleanliness and freshness that first floor but with a more industrial feel. Air conditioning ducts are left unpainted keeping a galvanized finish. The wooden bar has been protected with a product that also lets us see its natural colour.

Both floors and countertops are of different materials but are at their meeting point in the same cement grey colour.

Special attention is given to furniture that form the backsplash, being perfectly seen from outside and is an important element for local advertising with its label and its terrace. It consists of movable glass shelves for the  beverage exhibition. They have been backlit with RGB LED.

In keeping with good taste for music that this place offers, we must not forget the set of monitors or video world, which are also decorative elements of the largest and highest wall of the establishment, where in the dance area, can be seen from all points thanks to its windows.

The smaller part of the room, but not the least, corresponds to the smallest house of the two and where we find an open industrial kitchen with a small bar and a counter for customers.

Photographs of the project