Project description


Villaescusa projected the design, implementation and rehabilitation of its facilities.

Punta Prima restaurant was opened in 1969 as a family business and in an absolutely prime location.

Initially, it is known as being a characteristic rustic-style building from the late sixties and late seventies, where stone, wood beams and large natural iron lamps made a leading role.

This traditional restaurant has undergone numerous reforms in previous years in an attempt to accommodate their appearance to the new times, but none of them in such depth and importance like Villaescusa.

Already in the first visit, we realized the great possibilities offered, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, although it was necessary to give an absolute turnaround  as to appearance and approach to business.

Currently, Punta Prima Restaurant opens its doors at sea, which now takes a leading role, as well as reaching out to new technologies, becoming a trendy multifunctional restaurant.

Lighting is another part of the essential aspect of the project. Open to the public at night, the business required an enhancement of the floodlighting. A continuous play of light, shadow and colour changes that enhance the entire stay and allow you to create an ideal place to spend an unforgettable evening while delighting your senses.


The project design and implementation was divided into several levels of action:

  • Reform of the façade, finished in structural white panel composite. Such facade was quite a commitment to change and modernization, although it was necessary to break completely with the previous appearance of the business. It is completely illuminated with floodlights and LED lights that give a great appearance full of movement.
  • Terraces, lateral sidewalks and gardens have also been modified of their appearance. A prominent role is the main terrace with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.
  •  Inside, they have completely renovated the toilets, ceilings and flooring. In it, there are two rooms divided by movable partitions custom made for this restaurant. In addition, we especially mention the spectacular heated wine bar.

Restaurante Punta Prima is one of our projects that make us proud of our work and what we do, by the great success achieved, together with the riskiness of breaking with the traditional style. A clear example of the trust placed by its owners in Villaescusa, whom are currently very satisfied with the outcome of our creation.


Photographs of the project