Project description



This project has been a challenge for Villaescusa

In this fruit and vegetable centre, we have played with materials that provide continuity and consistency to the company, ensuring that all elements are seamlessly integrated.

Carrying out an office extension over two floors. The ground floor houses the technical department and the production department. Upstairs, the same with the administration and after sales departments.

The facade has been coated with a wall curved like a curtain, micro perforated with architectural sandwich panels.

We have built several modules for parking. In addition, the outer urbanization is developed, which consists of a composition of flower beds, a booth that gives access to the facilities, concrete walls and a fence enclosing micro perforated sheet.

Also, carrying out an expansion of cold storage with the formation of niches deep freezing, suitable for storage for the  products being sold.

Villaescusa in this project, as in all previous projects, has a large team of specialists, quality materials, spiced with a dose of passion.


Photographs of the project