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We guarantee the quality of our services and materials. A fully professional project.

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Villaescusa has over 30 years experience moving forward to become one of the most renowned in the metal and industry sector. We guarantee the use of the best materials for optimum results in each and one of our projects.

Quality professionals and projects

Our customers are the only reason for Villaescusa to have become who we are and for that they deserve the best. Therefore, we think it is our duty to excel to ensure a fully professional project, always meeting the needs of our customers.

The experience of a large company

Stainless Steel

In Villaescusa we have doors, railings, gates, fences, among others, compounds with stainless steel material of the highest quality in the market.


We have a wide range of materials of locks, doors, railings, gates, fences, canopies, amongst others that will make your project unique and professional.


We have a large selection of stairs inside both homes and businesses. We have the staircase that best suits your needs, check it out.


We have all kinds of doors, domestic, industrial, multipurpose, sliding, firewall, amongst many other varieties that can only be found in Villaescusa.


In Villaescusa you can find the material you need for your project, so, we also have canopies that fit perfectly to the needs of all our customers.


We have automated systems for the door you need, any existing in the market. We work with quality materials, therefore, guarantee the smooth operation of our facilities.

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