30 years forging projects

Villaescusa is a highly established company and one of the most renowned in the industry sector.

Leaders and industry experts

Since our inception in 1985, we have seen that every path is made by hard work. We are proud of our track record. The effort and continuous improvements that have been made are the only secret to have become a solid reference company.

Unique and professional projects

Our company is made up of professionals who will execute your project in a completely unique way. We care zealously about compliance with the highest quality standards and materials to ensure that the end result meets the expectations of our customers.

Customer focus

The main objective of Villaescusa is to meet the needs of each one of our clients. Showing the professionalism at Villaescusa Group that is presented as a value, such as the appreciation of our customers.

Our Mission

Villaescusa’s mission is to continue our exceptional track record, remain to be the leaders in the metal sector and provide services with high quality materials. We want to keep innovating and taking advantage of each and every one of the technologies that exist today to offer the best to our customers and their respective projects.

Our View

At Villaescusa we continue to grow as a group, continue to innovate and advance to constantly offer services and high quality materials to our customers. Our present and future priority at all times is to meet the needs and requirements of each project.

Our customers, our top priority.